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Prize Winners at SfE BES 2021

Clinical Endocrinology Trust prizes

Top scoring clinical abstract: Alexander Lewis and Richard Ross (EC1.3)

Top scoring basic abstract: Mariana Norton (EC1.4)

Top nursing practice abstract: Kerrie Grounds (P130)

Annette Louise Seal Award (sponsored by Addison’s Disease Self Help Group)

Winner: Sherwin Criseno (P17)

Runner up: Lisa Shepherd (P133)

Featured Clinical Cases Poster Prize (supported by Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Case Reports)

Winner: Shailesh Gohil (CC5)

Network Prizes

Best Oral - Adrenal and Cardiovascular: Giulia Argentesi (OC4.2)

Best Poster - Adrenal and Cardiovascular: Emily Warmington (OP2.3)

Best Oral – Bone and Calcium: Morten S Hansen (OC5.2)

Best Poster - Bone and Calcium: Muhammad Fahad Arshad (OP5.1)

Best Oral – Endocrine Cancer and Late Effects: Claire Fletcher (OC2.5)

Best Poster – Endocrine Cancer and Late Effects: Rebecca Mile (OP6.4)

Best Oral - Metabolism, Obesity and Diabetes: Phyllis Phuah (OC3.5)

Best Poster - Metabolism, Obesity and Diabetes: Lewis Spencer (and Georgios Dimitriadis) (OP4.2)

Best Oral – Reproductive and Neuroendocrinology: Layla Thurston (OC1.1)

Best Poster – Reproductive and Neuroendocrinology: Abigail Byford (OP3.2)

Best Oral – Thyroid: Steffen Mayerl (OC6.2)

Best Poster – Thyroid: George Pooley and Bronwyn Shishkin (OP1.4)