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On-demand programme

Watch key sessions from the UK's leading endocrinology meeting which were recorded during SfE BES 2023, in Glasgow. Please note: this information was up-to-date at the time of the presentation but does not take into account material published since then.

The below sessions are included in the on-demand programme:

For more details on the sessions, including speakers and profiles please refer to the full conference programme.


British Thyroid Association Pitt Rivers Lecture

International Medal Lecture

Society for Endocrinology Medal Lecture 

Transatlantic Medal Lecture 

CEJF Visiting Professor Lecture 

Basic Science Workshop:

Accounting for Circadian Rhythms 

Accounting for sex differences in experimental design 

Nurses' sessions:

Post Operative Management 

Parathyroid UK & The Patient Perspective

Thyroid Cancer Overview and the vital role a specialist nurse can play in facilitating follow-up

The role of Patient Support Groups

People With

Nurse Survey results 

Meet the Expert:

Meet The Expert 1 (Metabolism, Obesity and Diabetes)

Meet The Expert 4 (Thyroid) Talk 1

Meet The Expert 4 (Thyroid) Talk 2

Meet The Expert 6 (Adrenal and Cardiovascular)

Meet The Expert 7 (Reproductive & Neuroendocrinology)

How Do I...? Part 1 Sessions:

Monitor for endocrine sequelae of bone marrow transplantation?

Follow up non functioning pituitary adenomas in the long term?

Identify and manage thyroid eye disease early?

Use TRAb measurement to guide management in my patients with Graves'?

Diagnose and manage hypothalamic amenorrhoea?

Recognise and manage adrenal insufficiency in patients receiving immunotherapy?

What is New:

What is New in Basic Endocrinology Research

How Do I...? Part 2 Sessions:

Monitor hormone replacement in Primary Adrenal Insufficiency?

Manage Diabetic Gastroparesis?

Use anabolic treatment in osteoporosis?

Clinical Management Workshop

Phaeochromocytoma crisis

Severe hyponatraemia

Thyroid storm


Presidential Lecture: Transforming Genomics in Healthcare

RET Symposium 

The search for the new MEN2 gene 1982-1993

Cellular mechanisms of RET dysfunction in cancer cells

Pharmacological targeting of RET

Developments in the UK Endocrine Service Delivery

Advice & Guidance

Legends of Endocrinology 

Steroids and the Cardiovascular System

Diabetes and Islet Biology

Reproductive Biology