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Over the years the Society for Endocrinology’s flagship meeting, SfE BES, has provided our members with an unrivalled opportunity to meet and engage with one another. The conference represents the coming together of our community and provides a physical presence for the Society. Together we work to advance our discipline through sharing information, collaboration and supporting our peers. SfE BES has been the launch-pad for careers, helping to foster relationships between scientists, clinicians and nurses as well as inspiring the next generation to pursue a career in hormone science. From the Early-Career Researcher attending their first meeting in 2017, to the eminent Professor reflecting on a career with key moments at the conference, we have supported hundreds of endocrine specialists over the years.

Now we are asking our members to share their stories of SfE BES. We want to know who you met or how you were inspired, what you learned or were enticed to discover.

Please help us to tell our story and let us know what SfE BES means to you: 


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