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Grants & Awards

Endocrine Network Grant

To support the activities of Society for Endocrinology Endocrine Networks.

Example activities may include:

  • co–ordinating cross–institute and collaborative research initiatives in areas of endocrinology such as coordinating research grant applications to funding bodies
  • running an event
  • employing a local institution member of staff to set up a database

This is a non-exclusive list of examples.


There are no deadlines for this grant – applications are accepted throughout the year.


up to £5,000


  • Applications should be completed by Endocrine Network convenors but all Network members are encouraged to submit their ideas for new grant proposals to for consideration by the convenors.

How to apply

Endocrine Network members who wish to be put in touch with their Endocrine Network convenor, or who wish to submit an idea for a new grant proposal, please email

Return completed Endocrine Network Grant application forms to

Endocrine Network Grant application form


  • Only applications submitted by a recognised Society for Endocrinology Endocrine Network Convenor will be accepted
  • Funds are awarded on the understanding that they are used for the purpose stated in the application form. If any part of the grant is unused, the balance will be refunded to the Society for Endocrinology.
  • Funds awarded are final
  • Incomplete or retrospective applications will not be considered
  • The decision of the General Secretary and the Officers is final and not subject to appeal
  • The Officers will not accept resubmissions for a particular activity
  • The Society requires written details on the activity and how the grant benefited endocrinology. This should be included in the annual Endocrine Network report.