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Grants & Awards

Endocrine Nurse Grant

For a research or audit project to enhance nursing/clinical practice or to produce preliminary data to be used in an application for a competitive Doctoral Research Fellowship at the start of a PhD programme.



Deadlines for this grant are at noon on Wed 23 May 2018 and Wed 28 November 2018.


Up to £5,000 per grant deadline


  • This grant is available to nurses who have been a member of the Society for a minimum of one year

How to apply

Complete the Endocrine Nurse Grant application form and return it to the Society at

Endocrine Nurse Grant Application
  • Applications submitted by a member based at a recognised Higher Education Research Institute and/or Medical Institution will be considered.
  • The Society for Endocrinology is a small charity, which is able to support the work of a limited number of members by providing grants to support the direct costs of research/audit projects. Acceptance of this grant, if awarded, will imply that the institution is prepared to meet the full economic costs from its own sources of funding.
  • Each eligible member may receive one Endocrine Nurse Grant during their career.
  • The Society requires two written reports from the applicant no later than 12 months after receipt of the grant, unless otherwise agreed by the Society for Endocrinology. One academic report (max 1000 words) should demonstrate how the grant benefited the applicant and the report should also include details of any publications resulting from the grant or papers submitted. We also require a second, short, lay summary article (100-200 words) for publicity and/or publication in The Endocrinologist or on the Society’s website. This should focus on how the award has improved or changed the successful applicant’s career.
  • The Society reserves the right to publish successful applicants' final reports.
  • The successful applicants must recognise the award on their departmental website with a link to the Society website for a minimum of six months after receipt of the grant.
  • If conference/meeting abstracts have been funded by the grant this should be acknowledged.
  • Only one application permitted per grant cycle.
  • Funds awarded are final and do not include overheads.
  • Funds must have been used by 12 months after the date awarded, unless otherwise agreed by the Society for Endocrinology.
  • Funds are awarded on the understanding that they are used for the purpose stated in the application form. If support is obtained elsewhere or any part of the grant is unused, the balance will be refunded to the Society for Endocrinology.
  • Grants cannot be awarded retrospectively.
  • All applications will be marked by a Grants Panel comprising Nurse and Clinical Members of the Society, who have no conflict of interest with the applicants.
  • The decision of the Grants Panel is final and not subject to appeal.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • In the event of your application being unsuccessful, we are unable to provide feedback.
  • Resubmissions will be accepted, but the applicant should make it clear how the application has been improved.