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Grants & Awards

Patient Support Grant

To assist small charities and patient support groups who work with endocrine-related conditions, to carry out their work.

Organisations may apply for funding to develop information resources, purchase equipment, train staff and/or volunteers, contribute towards infrastructure costs or to finance a specific project.

Patient Support Grants are awarded every other year.


The next round of Patient Support Grants will open in 2018.


up to £4,000


The organisation must demonstrate

  • A clear endocrine remit; must be actively catering for patients with endocrine conditions
  • Provision of patient support and information
  • A workforce of less than 10 full-time staff (or equivalent)
  • Evidence of a constitution and, where practical, charity registration. Recently-established organisations should supply details of their plans to set up a constitution and, if appropriate, to apply for charitable status.
  • Evidence of good practice, particularly as regards training and quality control
  • Good productivity in terms of the type and quantity of support provided compared to the size of the organisation
  • Evidence that the organisation could not otherwise afford the project

The project must demonstrate:

  • A clear focus on information and/or education regarding an endocrine condition
  • Direct patient benefit
  • Evidence that the project would benefit a good proportion of the potential
  • membership/client base
  • Focus and detail, both as to the content of the project and the costing.

Preference will be given to projects that have a good lifespan.

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered
  • Applications that do not fulfil all the criteria outlined above will not be considered
  • The decision is final and not subject to appeal
  • A short report is required at 18 months from the date of the award; this should report on the expenditure of the grant and how this expenditure fulfilled stated goals
  • Awards cannot be granted retrospectively
  • The successful applicants must recognise the award on their website with a link to the Society website for a minimum of six months after receipt of the grant
  • The Society reserves the right to publish successful applicants’ final reports

Patient Support

The Society supports groups that represent patients with endocrine conditions by facilitating dialogue with the medical community.

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Patient Support Travel Grant

To assist small charities and patient support groups who work with endocrine-related conditions to attend and exhibit at Society for Endocrinology events.

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