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Early Career Prize Lectures

To help Early Career Clinicians and Early Career Scientists to have their work recognised across the wider endocrine community through a conference presentation and Society publications.

Successful applicants will:

  • present a 20 minute basic science or clinical lecture at the SfE BES conference each November
  • be awarded an honorarium of £750
  • submit an article of up to 800 words for inclusion in the Society’s quarterly magazine The Endocrinologist

Dr Kreepa Kooblall  (Science Lecture), University of Oxford,  “Investigating the retinoic acid pathway as a potential therapeutic target for skeletal dysplasia syndromes"

Dr Edouard Mills (Clinical Lecture), Imperial College London, “Can a KISS Treat Low Sexual Desire in Men?”

Dr Karla Jade Suchacki (Science Lecture), “The diverse and distinct roles of adipose tissue on metabolic heath”

Dr Catherine Lovegrove (Clinical Lecture), “Central adiposity raises serum calcium concentrations and increases risk of kidney stone disease”

Dr Elisa De Franco (Science Lecture), “Using gene discovery to identify new key regulators of beta cell development and function”

Dr Alessandro Prete (Clinical Lecture), “Cardiometabolic burden of mild autonomous cortisol secretion”

Watch the SfE BES 2020 Online Early Career Prize Lectures

Sign in to the My Videos section of the Members' Area and select the Tuesday sessions to see:

  • Targeting epigenetic mechanisms as a novel treatment for MEN1-associated tumours
    Kate Lines (University of Oxford)
  • Tracking of imprinted gene hypervariability and diet-induced deregulation in pancreatic beta cells
    Steve Millership (Imperial College London)


The application deadline has now passed.


You must be an Early Career member of the Society:

  • Early Career Scientist: PhD students and up to 10 years post-PhD with no clinical training
  • Early Career Clinical Academic: Up to CCT/CESR/12 years from attainment of MBBS (whichever is earliest)
  • Early Career Clinician in Practice: Up to CCT/CESR/12 years from attainment of MBBS (whichever is earliest)
  • Early Career Nurse: Nurses with up to 3 years’ experience of endocrine nursing
  • Early Career Associated Professional: An inclusive category for anyone with an interest in endocrinology who does not fit into the other four categories (e.g. clinical biochemists, pharmaceutical professionals, lab technicians, veterinarians, dietitians, Physician Associates, Nursing Associates).
  • Open to professionals who have been working in an allied field for less than 10 years.

How to apply

Complete the Early Career Prize Lecture application form and return it to [email protected]

Download the application form


Successful applicants will

  • Submit an abstract on a subject under the general heading of endocrinology. This is likely to relate to an area of personal endocrine research, either in progress or recently completed and should present a series of studies on a theme representing a body of work following the applicant’s career to date.
  • Present a 20 minute lecture (plus 5 minutes for questions) at the Society for Endocrinology BES conference and submit an article of up to 800 words for inclusion in the Society's quarterly magazine, The Endocrinologist.
  • Applications will be judged by the Society's Nominations Committee using the standard criteria of originality, scientific quality and clinical relevance/impact. We aim to notify all applicants of our decision within 6 weeks of the deadline at the latest.