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Dr Kate Lines research focuses on the epigenetic mechanisms involved in neuroendocrine tumour development to investigate future therapies.

Dr Kate Lines

Early Career Clinician 2020 | University of Oxford

Dr Kate Lines is a BMS Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. Previously she was a postdoctoral research scientist in Professor Rajesh Thakker’s laboratory at the Oxford Centre for Endocrinology and Metabolism, University of Oxford, where she is still based. Prior to this she obtained her PhD from The Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London. Her research is focused on understanding the epigenetic mechanisms involved in neuroendocrine tumour development, and using this information to develop new diagnostic approaches and therapies. In particular, she is interested in pancreatic and pituitary tumours caused by loss of the tumour suppressor protein menin. Her research involves studying the epigenetic landscape of these tumours to increase understanding of their epigenetic alterations, and investigating small molecule inhibitors of epigenetic modifying proteins to determine their efficacy at reducing tumour cell proliferation in vitro, and tumour growth in vivo, with the aim of taking successful candidates into patients. She is also the Science Convenor of the Society for Endocrinology Endocrine Cancer Network.