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Advisory Group

Consisting of scientists, clinical academics and clinicians-in-practice, the Advisory Group is responsible for providing ad hoc career support and advice to Leadership and Development Programme Awardees


The Leadership and Development Awards Programme aims to recognise and nurture emerging talent in endocrinology, as part of the Society’s goals to advance and support our discipline.

Members of the Advisory Group have a unique opportunity to help guide and support our talented Awardees, while helping to serve the future of both the Society and endocrinology. 

Current vacancies

There is an open call for Society members to apply to become members of the Advisory Group. 

Advisors will:

  • hold a leadership position within their institutions and be a Clinician-in-Practice, a Clinical Academic or a Scientist, too senior to be eligible for the Awards Programme themselves
  • serve as an Advisor for 3 years
  • be selected by the Selection Panel, to ensure diversity of experience and background in the Group


Please read the Advisory Group remit & job description and code of conduct for more information.


To apply, please submit a paragraph, outlining your motivations and suitability for the Advisory Group to