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Student Video Award

Bring endocrinology to life by producing a short, engaging video

Students studying endocrinology-related undergraduate courses (e.g. biomedical science, medicine, nursing or allied health professionals) or postgraduates in endocrine-related subjects can submit a 1-2 minute video on the theme, 'hormones in the news', aimed at engaging an audience of the interested general public.

Communicating science to wider audiences is an important skill for every science student. Delve into the science behind the stories on hormones in the media, present them with creativity and you could be adding a new skill to your CV. Have you read stories on obesity, diabetes, stress, thyroid disorders, vitamin D, transgender, testosterone, contraception, menopause or anything else hormone-related in the news recently? What is the science behind the story, what is the impact of the story and the research?

"We would like to thank the society for endocrinology for the award. This award definitely gives trainees and students the opportunity to show their skills and at the same time enhance public engagement."

Do you teach or supervise students in endocrinology-related subjects?

Inspire your students to engage with endocrinology and bring hormones to life by entering our competition. You can download our powerpoint slide to use during your teaching or our A3 poster to put up around your institution.

Download Video Award slide


Download Video Award poster


Competition rules:

  • Videos should be between 1 and 2 minutes long. Videos will be penalised if shorter or longer than this.
  • Videos should explore the theme, ‘hormones in the news’ covering the science behind it and the impact of the related research.
  • The target audience for your video is, ‘interested general public’.
  • Videos can be in any format such as presenter-led, vlogging style or animation.
  • All entries must be in English or include English subtitles if not.
  • Applicants should credit themselves in their video.
  • All entries should be in a YouTube compatible format:
    - <25MB
    - Video: MP4
    - Frame size: 1920 x 1080 mm
    - Frame rate: 25 frames per second
  • To submit a video, entrants must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, including a copyright disclosure and consent for use of submitted videos for promotional purposes.

Watch the 2021 and 2022 winning and highly commended videos on You and Your Hormones for inspiration.

All video submissions will be judged by our Early Career Steering Group and Public Engagement Committee on creativity, engagement, length & content.



The deadline has now passed.



All prizes will now be awarded for undergraduate and postgraduate videos as two separate categories.

  • Winner: £300 and one-year free membership* 
  • 2nd place: £200 and one-year free membership*
  • 3rd place: £100 and one-year free membership*

*if not already a member


  • Applications will only be considered from enrolled undergraduate science students i.e. medicine, nursing, allied health professions and biomedical science etc or postgraduate students involved in endocrine-related subjects and undifferentiated medical trainees.
  • You do not need to be a Society member to apply.
  • Entries will be marked on the basis of content, engagement and creativity.
  • Work should be the applicants’ own with minimal supervision. Collaboration and joint applications are still acceptable.
  • Joint entries may be submitted by a maximum of two students. Awards will be shared equally where possible.
  • Only applicants who have completed an application form in full will be considered.

How to apply

Please read all of our Terms and Conditions before completing this application form.

Online application form


  • Applicants retain full copyright of their video submission.
  • By entering this competition, we the Society may use the whole or excerpts of your video for promotional purposes including use on the Society YouTube channel, website, all social media and the Society’s public engagement website You and Your Hormones. Beyond this, we will not edit or modify your video.
  • We will not take responsibility for any third party use of your content.
  • We may use your film for outreach purposes such as school events or future festivals.
  • All videos submitted must be your own views and your own work or work in which you have permission to use or have the intellectual property rights for. The Society will not accept, or be responsible for, anything used outside of copyright.
  • All videos submitted must not contain any content that may be deemed as offensive including, but not limited to, material of a racist, homophobic or sexist nature. We also recommend applicants to be aware of their use of language when discussing health conditions and patient impact. 


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