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Student Video Award application form


Complete the Student Video Award application form by 30 May 2022.

Please read all of our Terms and Conditions to understand the copyright permissions before completing this form.


  • Applicants retain full copyright of their video submission.
  • By entering this competition, we the Society may use the whole or excerpts of your video for promotional purposes including use on the Society YouTube channel, website, all social media and the Society’s public engagement website You and Your Hormones. Beyond this, we will not edit or modify your video.
  • We will not take responsibility for any third party use of your content.
  • We may use your film for outreach purposes such as school events or future festivals.
  • All videos submitted must be your own views and your own work or work in which you have permission to use or have the intellectual property rights for. The Society will not accept, or be responsible for, anything used outside of copyright.
  • All videos submitted must not contain any content that may be deemed as offensive including, but not limited to, material of a racist, homophobic or sexist nature. We also recommend applicants to be aware of their use of language when discussing health conditions and patient impact. 


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