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Teaching Achievement Award

Recognising, celebrating and inspiring great teaching in endocrinology.

Apply for some well-deserved recognition in endocrine-related teaching. This could be for a simple but innovative project, exceptional engagement or a lifetime of sharing your passion.

Your achievement may relate to (but is not limited to) curriculum development, undergraduate teaching, clinical teaching, training and advancement of postgraduates and fellows, mentorship, student welfare or technology.

We are particularly interested in achievements that:

  • positively affect students’ learning experiences 
  • could be easily adopted by members of our Society and/or other teaching professionals
  • could attract students into endocrinology

Congratulations to our 2023 Teaching Achievement Award Winner, Dr Alex Caminos (London): Innovating endocrine teaching with 'Alex's Osteoblast' series during covid and a nationally recognised Endocrine Bone Teaching Clinic 


P Kempegowda (Birmingham): Development of two innovative educational platforms: SIMBA and CoMICs


S Jarvis (London): Beyond the call of duty in Reproductive & Developmental Biology teaching

N Martin (London): Enthusing the endocrinologists of tomorrow



Applications open in March 2023 and the deadline is 11:59pm on Monday 3 July 2023.



  • Travel/registration/accommodation for our SfE BES conference to present their work
  • £750 honorarium
  • Publish an article in our Society magazine, The Endocrinologist


  • Current Society member
  • Have regular contact time with undergraduate or postgraduate students in a teaching or training capacity
  • Teach in life sciences or other endocrine-related subject

How to apply

Apply by filling out the form below and emailing it to Applications must be submitted as a Word document.

Please read all of our eligibility criteria and terms and conditions before completing this application form.

Download application form


  • Clinical Endocrinology Trust and British Thyroid Association Pitt-Rivers Award winners are not eligible to for other Society for Endocrinology prizes or awards in the same year
  • Candidates cannot be awarded more than one of the Society’ awards per year
  • Candidates may not be Officers, Officers-elect or members of the Nominations Committee at the time of nomination or at the time of delivery of the lecture. Council members may be nominated but please bear in mind that, as Trustees, they are not able to receive the personal honorarium associated with the award if they are in post at the time the lecture is given
  • Awardees should not be invited within 5 years of receiving another award unless there are exceptional circumstances





Undergraduate Achievement Award

For teaching departments to encourage excellence in the study of endocrinology by recognising outstanding work from undergraduate students.

Leadership & Development Awards Programme

Members are encouraged to apply for this prestigious programme, providing the opportunity to become a future leader in endocrinology.