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Summer Studentships

Enabling supervisors to host undergraduate students in endocrinology or the life sciences during a 10-week summer placement.

Enabling students to gain valuable hands-on experience in an active research environment. Students can apply for grants to be hosted in a member's lab over the summer.

Learn more about the benefits of the studentship from previous supervisors and students.




The next deadline is at 11:59am GMT on Wednesday 8 March 2023..


£185 per week for up to 10 weeks plus up to £1,000 for consumables


  • The student applying for funding will normally be an undergraduate, following a course in endocrinology or a related life science subject.
  • The studentships are normally taken during the summer vacation before a final year; if applying for this grant in a final year, justification needs to be provided via email to
  • Host supervisors are required to be members of the Society for Endocrinology. Full Members must hold at least one year’s membership; Early Career Members must hold at least six months' membership at the deadline for applications.
  • Host supervisors will normally be an academic or academic-related staff member working in a university or research institute. If not, a letter of support is required from the principal investigator or clinical team leader.

How to apply

Please complete the Summer Studentship application form and return it to  

Application form


Marking guidelines for applicants

Template for final reports


  • The application is made by the student who should check with their intended supervisor before applying
  • The Society cannot be involved in finding a host institution for applicants
  • Host supervisors may not be named on more than one application per year.  Applications are marked by the Grants Panel.
  • Successful host supervisors may not host a student in the year following a studentship. 
  • The research project is required to be endocrine related and not be part of the student's normal degree work. Preference will be given to research projects with a clearly defined objective, achievable in the time available, and which give the student scope for thought and initiative
  • Grants are made to the host supervisor's institution, on the understanding that it will administer the award. In particular, the host institution is responsible for providing adequate facilities, and for ensuring that all necessary requirements of regulatory authorities and ethical committee approvals are in place before the work begins and are maintained for the duration of the grant. The host supervisor is responsible for the conduct of the research and for providing any shortfall in consumables budget
  • Host supervisors of those awarded studentships are required to submit a report, no later than three months after the end of the studentship. [Reporting template]
  • The Society reserves the right to publish successful supervisors' final reports in The Endocrinologist. Reports may be edited if space is an issue
  • Successful host supervisors are required to recognise the award on their departmental website with a link to the Society website for a minimum of six months after receipt of the studentship
  • If the duration of the studentship is less than 10 weeks, funds will be equivalent to the number of weeks the student is actually undertaking the project
  • Funds must be used within one month of the student's finishing date
  • Funds awarded are final and do not include overheads and are not subject to appeal
  • Funds are awarded on the understanding that they are used for the purpose stated in the application form.  If support is obtained elsewhere or any part of the grant is unused, the balance will be refunded to the Society for Endocrinology.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered
  • Resubmissions are not accepted
  • Applications are marked by the Society’s Grants Panel. The decision of the Panel is final.