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Follow your Endocrine Networks on Twitter

10 Nov 2020

Each of our eight Endocrine Networks now has its own Twitter account, run by the Convenors. Follow them to share news, events, resources, and to keep up to date with your Network colleagues. 

Get the conversation going in advance of the Network meetings at SfE BES online!

The Endocrine Networks are a platform for collaboration between basic and clinical researchers, clinical endocrinologists and endocrine nurses.

Go to the Members' Area to select and update your preferred Networks.

Adrenal and Cardiovascular - @adrenalnetwork
Dr Scott MacKenzie & Dr Mick O'Reilly 

Bone & Calcium - @bonenetwork
Professor Jeremy Turner & Dr Caroline Gorvin 

Endocrine Consequences of Living with and Beyond Cancer - @EndoLWBC
Dr Helen Simpson & Dr Claire Higham 

Endocrine Cancer - @EndocrineCancer
Dr Ruth Casey & Dr Kate Lines 

Metabolic and Obesity - @MetabolicNW
Professor Shareen Forbes & Dr Gavin Bewick 

Neuroendocrinology - @NeuroEndoNW
Dr Niki Karavitaki & Dr Craig Beall 

Reproductive Endocrinology and Biology - @ReproNetwork
Dr Kim Jonas & Professor Colin Duncan 

Thyroid - @Thyroid_Network
Dr Fraser Gibb & Dr Peter Taylor