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Recommendations for maintaining endocrine services during COVID-19

04 Nov 2020

We believe that it is paramount that we continue providing specialty endocrine services in current and future COVID-19 waves for our patients’ safety.

The Future of Endocrinology working group have compiled COVID-19 second wave planning recommendations, so that they may be considered for local implementation.

Key recommendations:

  • Endocrine departmental capacity should be left at a minimum of 25% - higher wherever possible.
  • Clearly defined roles for specific team members, including nurses, shielding colleagues and registrars.
  • Maintaining speciality training for endocrine trainees.
  • Integrating working between primary, secondary and tertiary care as much as possible with shared systems.
  • Ensuring the primary, secondary and tertiary care centres within a region understand referral routes for patients.
  • Identifying patients for whom virtual consultations are appropriate long term.
  • Reviewing phlebotomy services, MDTs, work load priorities and using available resources.

Download the full recommendations.

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