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Updates from the International Society of Endocrinology

06 Jan 2021

Society for Endocrinology members are also members of the International Society of Endocrinology (ISE).

ISE is committed to federating the endocrine community across the world as the “united nations of endocrinology”. They represent many large and smaller endocrine societies around the world with very different interests and levels of development. 
They implement the initiatives outlined in the general assembly:  
- to promote endocrine science and education internationally
- to be a global advocate for endocrine prevention, diagnosis and management around the world
Here is an ISE update on upcoming and ongoing activities:
24-28 February 2021 
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Members of the ISE Executive Committee have participated in an important advocacy effort with WHO and ISE are now members of the project to review endocrine testing hormone measurements and critical medications.  
See the global portal for the educational efforts ISE have supported with other international or national societies in 2020.  
Governance and strategic planning
ISE intend to hold a consultation on updating its our organisational structure, governance and statutes in 2021.