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2021 is your Society's 75th anniversary - help us celebrate!

17 Feb 2021

We have all been through some exceptionally challenging times over the last year, making it all the more important to wholeheartedly mark this anniversary of our Society, the home of endocrinology for 75 years.

Let’s seize this opportunity to celebrate our discipline and the work of endocrinologists, revel in our achievements together, and look forward to the flourishing future of endocrinology. Whether you are a Society rookie or a veteran, a student or a seasoned professional, we want to hear from you!

Our members make the Society. Your hard work, stories and aspirations have all contributed to our phenomenal journey over the last 75 years, and will form the foundations of our future successes. Get involved with the upcoming festivities by sharing your memories, thoughts, photos and achievements.

  • Do you have any photos from Society events to share?
  • Who is your most inspirational endocrinologist and why?
  • When did you attend your first SfE BES conference and what did you enjoy most?
  • What are your favourite memories of working with the Society and other members?
  • How much has the Society changed since you joined?
  • What do you think have been the major milestones in endocrine-related clinical practice or research during your career?
  • What are you most looking forward to as part of the future of endocrine research or clinical practice?

Send us a line or two in answer to the above – or about anything else you would like to share. Your contributions will be used as part of our year-long celebrations, to truly reflect the value of being part of the Society for Endocrinology.

Please send your contributions, suggestions or queries to