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You & Your Hormones awarded Association for Science Education certification

08 Jun 2021

The Society’s public-facing educational resource, You & Your Hormones, has been awarded an Association for Science Education (ASE) Green Tick. This certification means that You & Your Hormones will now be promoted as an ASE-evaluated resource that can support learning about hormones in schools.

The ASE Green Tick Certification allows us to refocus the delivery of our existing content and positions the site as a tool for understanding hormone science. You & Your Hormones’ huge amount of valuable, expert information is now easier to access, with curriculum-relevant pages and resources now clearly tagged to increase usability for teachers and students.

Although an entire section of the site is dedicated to students and teachers, these are key audiences that we have limited access to through our established communication channels, this ASE certification will enable greater penetration of the site to that audience.

Our Public Engagement Committee and the You & Your Hormones Editorial Board have been working hard towards improving the website’s appeal as an educational resource for schools, including:

  • Image-led digital library of multimedia resources
  • Clearly categorised curriculum relevant pages for easy access
  • Enhanced resource filtering functionality to aid searching
  • Popover glossary summaries on key words to help comprehension
  • Simplified navigation
  • Optimised speed, mobile viewing and search engine ranking

The ASE certification contributes to part of the Society’s continuing mission to promote accurate knowledge about hormones, to enable people to make better decision about their health

As Society members, please encourage your colleagues, friends and school contacts to use the site as their first port of call for authoritative, expert and engaging information about hormones.