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Success at our first Leadership Development Training Course

18 Jun 2021

Our 2019 Leadership and Development Awardees attended our first training course on the 14-15 June, in Solihull.

The residential course was rescheduled due to COVID-19 pandemic and everyone was thrilled to be able to meet up in person, although socially distanced at the beautiful park-like grounds of the Hogarth Hotel. 

Despite their very individual career pathways, the Awardees enjoyed the educational course and the opportunity to network and really get to know one another.

The course focused on increasing self-awareness and addressing their leadership development needs going forward. Using individual styles, they looked at developing techniques to influence others in the workplace to affect change, take on new ideas and raise their profiles in a highly competitive environment.

The Society’s Leadership & Development Awards Programme is designed to recognise and nurture emerging talent in endocrinology to become the future leaders of our discipline. It provides a wide range of opportunities and support for early career endocrinologists to enable them to develop naturally into leaders.

The feedback from attendees so far has been excellent:

“I’m certainly more self-aware of how different people communicate with each other, and the importance of different types of communication.”

“It has provided a framework for me to reflect on my own personality and style and how I want to improve in the future. I have a clearer understanding of management vs leadership which was particularly helpful.”