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UK Neuroendocrine Cancer Specific Nurse Competency Framework receives RCN Accreditation

15 Jul 2021

The first ever UK Neuroendocrine Cancer Specific Nurse Competency Framework has received Royal College of Nursing Accreditation until 24 May 2022.

The Neuroendocrine Cancer Nurse competency framework was developed by a working group of Neuroendocrine Cancer Nurse Specialists to enhance the clinical care that adults with a neuroendocrine cancer receive. By preparing a competency framework from which all adult nurses can work, from those who may not see many people with neuroendocrine cancer to those who have taken on a specialist nurse role for this group of cancer patients, it is envisaged that their development as professional practitioners can be enhanced. It introduces new competencies that cover the many and varied types and sites of neuroendocrine cancer – for nurses to utilise those applicable to their particular sphere of practice.

See the full framework

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