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Congratulations to our latest Endocrine Nurse Grant awardee

27 Oct 2021

Well done to Aldons Chua (East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust), who has been awarded a Society Endocrine Nurse Grant.

The Endocrine Nurse Grant provides financial support to complete a project from beginning to end or to gather preliminary data to support a larger piece of work.

Aldons has been awarded £4,950 for a research project entitled, 'What do patients with Adrenal Insufficiency (AI) say? Exploring patient experiences on using the current parenteral hydrocortisone injection device to manage adrenal crisis.'

Aldons comments, “It is a great privilege to receive this years’ Endocrine Nurse Grant for my research project on exploring the experience of patients with adrenal insufficiency (AI) in self-administering hydrocortisone using the current emergency injection device. With this grant together, with the support of my primary supervisor, Dr. Sofia Llahana as well as my team at ESHT, this will contribute to helping patients manage their condition better, preventing further complications of adrenal crisis, thereby promoting patient safety and cost-effectiveness. As an early-career endocrine nurse, this will also benefit me professionally working with my primary supervisor and the team's expertise and mentorship towards a successful clinical academic career pathway.”

We look forward to seeing the outcomes from this valuable patient care project.

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