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CRH Stock Availability Update - Ferring Pharmaceuticals

26 Sept 2023

Ferring Pharmaceuticals have written to the Society regarding the matter of CRH Stock Availability and below is their statement as of 25th September 2023:

"We are writing to provide you an update on our situation concerning CRH and GHRH.
As you may know, we unfortunately experienced a breakdown on the lyophilizer (GT3) as part of our production line in Keil. This is where CRH and GHRH were manufactured. It has currently not been possible to fix the equipment as it’s over 22 years old and spare parts are no longer available.

As a consequence of the breakdown, we are currently not able to manufacture CRH and GHRH, all available product has been supplied to the markets. As of writing we currently have 25 1x 100mcg packs of CRH available in the UK.

The exact duration of the product being out of stock remains uncertain. However, due to anticipated extensive lead times for equipment replacement, we do not anticipate any supply availability for a minimum of the next 36 months.

We sincerely apologise for the impact of this product out of stock and especially the impact to patients."

Ferring Pharmaceuticals

If you have any questions please email [email protected]