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Gain recognition for your hard work by applying for the National Clinical Impact Awards 

13 Mar 2024

The National Clinical Impact Awards application window for the 2024 round is now open.

The National Clinical Impact Awards are given by the Government’s Advisory Committee to recognise and reward the exceptional contribution of NHS consultants, over and above what is normally expected in their job, to the values and goals of the NHS and to patient care.

There is now much more focus on assessing impact, as well as changes to the award structure and process. Further details of the changes can be found in the ACCIA’s guidance for applicants.

The process whereby some applicants received citations and rankings from Membership Organisations (previously known as National Nominating Organisations) has been discontinued. Under the new application process, the Society for Endocrinology can encourage our members to apply and point you to relevant guidance, we are prohibited from providing any assistance in proofreading, editing, critiquing or reviewing applications. 

If you require further guidance, please email [email protected].

The deadline for sending your completed applications to the ACCIA is 11:59pm on 15 April 2024.

The new scheme is significantly different from previous rounds, and we understand that this will concern applicants. We will do our best to support our members as fully as we can in our interactions with ACCIA, and thank you for your patience.