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Desmopressin nasal spray out of stock due to recall

22 Jul 2020

All the existing supplies of the following preparations of desmopressin nasal spray are being recalled by Ferring, so they are currently out of stock. 
  1. Desmospray® 0.1 mg/ml Nasal Spray PL 03194/0024 
  2. Desmopressin 0.1 mg/ml Nasal Spray PL 03194/0090 
  3. Octim® 1.5mg/ml Nasal Spray solution PL 03194/0056 
Details of the recall can be found here.
As a guide, please find below the conversion to other preparations of desmopressin.
Desmospray 10 micrograms (1 puff) is equivalent to: 
  • DDAVP Intranasal Solution 10 micrograms (0.1 ml on metered tube
  • Desmopressin tablet 100 micrograms
  • Desmomelt 60 mcg