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Geoffrey Harris Prize lecture - 17:55, Main Hall

24 Apr 2012

Professor Jonathan Seckl (Edinburgh, UK) will take to the stage first at 17:55 to present his Geoffrey Harris Prize Lecture ‘Glucocorticoid metabolism and the brain, from fetal programming to senescence’. Professor Seckl, Moncrieff-Arnott Professor of Molecular Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, UK, is a Wellcome Trust Senior Clinical Research Fellow who has authored over 300 peer-reviewed papers in the field of glucocorticoid biology. The main focus of his research has been in clarifying the biology of tissue-specific metabolism of glucocorticoids in determining local steroid hormone action and in developmental programming of the brain and body. His group has advanced the glucocorticoid hypothesis of fetal programming and gone on to unravel molecular and epigenetic mechanisms by which this leads to subsequent disorders in adult life.

Professor Seckl is no stranger to public speaking with over 200 invited lectures to his name, so sit back and enjoy the master at work as he takes us on a journey through the role of glucocorticoids in the brain - from fetal programming to senescence. The session will be chaired by Professor Philippe Bouchard (France) and Professor Justo Castaño (Spain).

The Geoffrey Harris Prize is generously sponsored by Ipsen.

The abstract to this presentation can be viewed on Endocrine Abstracts.