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Thyroid Network webpages launched – a dedicated hub for knowledge exchange

08 Aug 2017

The Endocrine Networks were created as platforms to enable basic and clinical researchers, clinical endocrinologists and endocrine nurses to share knowledge and best practice and work together to advance their specialist field. We are now thrilled to launch the Thyroid Network’s dedicated webpages – a dedicated hub for all things thyroid.

Keeping informed was never easier - the new Thyroid Network webpages are designed to keep you updated with the latest news in the Network, as well as any thyroid research-related events and opportunities. As a member of the Thyroid Network you can also access a curated list of information sources, training opportunities and groups that support the work of the Network, and share your resources.

If you are a member of other Endocrine Networks, be excited too! Their dedicated webpages will be live very shortly.

Not yet a member of a Network? Becoming one is easy - just log into the Members’ Area and select ‘Endocrine Networks’.