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New for SfE BES 2017: Endocrine Network Research Incubator Meetings

18 Aug 2017

Do you have an innovative research idea? Do you need access to resources, databases or collaborators to attract funding and get your research underway? Then apply for a slot in the Research Incubator meetings at this year’s SfE BES conference.

The Research Incubator meetings will be held at the start of each day during SfE BES 2017. If your application is successful, you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your idea through a short presentation (2 slides maximum) and an in depth discussion in front of a panel of experts (the invited experts will be related to your specialism).

You’ll receive constructive advice on how to increase the success of your proposal, and how to maximise your chances of attracting support from major funding bodies.

Don’t miss your chance to get expert feedback on your research idea - applications close 30 August 2017.