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Endocrine Nurse Award winner for 2018 announced

08 Dec 2017

Congratulations to winner of the Endocrine Nurse Award for 2018, Janet Lewis, Endocrine Nurse Specialist at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff. Janet has been chosen for the Award due to her leadership in devising recommendations that improve healthcare provision and equality for patients with neuroendocrine tumours.

Janet said, “We researched the Welsh Cancer Delivery Plan, amongst other documents. This stated that all patients with cancer should have equal access to treatment regardless of where they lived in Wales and access to a CNS, of which the NET patients had neither. The effect of these recommendations has seen the standard of care NET patients in Wales receive, improve and become equitable.”


“Janet has demonstrated the power of the ESN voice in supporting patients with NETs. She has networked at a National level with local government and patient support groups and helped lead change in the support and management of patients in Wales with NETs with a significant increase in funding and specialist clinicians to provide a quality NET service.”

“Janet has helped transform a regional/ Welsh service for the good of patients, engaging external commissioners and national authority. This is really transformational.”

The Society’s Endocrine Nurse Award recognises individuals who have demonstrated innovative and successful nurse-led initiatives in the endocrine field that have advanced best practice in research, education or patient care.

If you have a nurse colleague that you would like to nominate for the 2019 Endocrine Nurse Award, applications are now open until 29 June 2018.