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Spring issue of The Endocrinologist now available online

02 Mar 2018

The spring issue of the Society’s quarterly magazine The Endocrinologist is now available to view online, and its theme is ‘The Next Generation: Shaping your future, shaping endocrinology’.

A recent SfE membership survey indicated that there is some concern about recruitment of the next generation of endocrinologists. Endocrinology is not always seen as the most exciting of specialties, lacking the flashy techniques and lures of some others, as illustrated perfectly in our illuminating Opinion piece with a question from a junior doctor: ‘Don’t you get fed up just helping out specialties who do all the interesting stuff?’. In an attempt to combat such views, the issue includes articles on the value and importance of broadening your career while still focusing on endocrinology, teaching within endocrinology, and careers in the pharmaceutical industry. And very much in step with current events, there is a piece on feminism in endocrinology.

Representative of the next generation, Caroline Gorvin and Jackie Maybin prepared articles summarising their Early Career Prize Lectures 2017. This award was set up to help trainees have their work recognised across the wider endocrine community (if this could be you, the deadline for submissions for 2018 is 30 April).

Society News is brimming with information on the Public Engagement Grant, Endocrine Networks, Society committees and an impressive list of Society achievements in 2017. Nurses’ News provides information on public and patient involvement (PPI), and the issue is completed by an update on the Specialised Endocrinology Clinical Reference Group.

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