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Society nominates candidate for European Society of Endocrinology Executive Committee Elections

28 Mar 2018

The Society has nominated Professor Chris McCabe for a vacancy on the European Society of Endocrinology (ESE) Executive Committee. The Executive Committee governs all aspects of ESE, and a position for a basic scientist member is available from May 2018. This important position is involved in guiding, supporting and promoting endocrine science at ESE.  

Professor McCabe (University of Birmingham) is a leading scientific researcher in endocrinology, and the current Chair of the Society for Endocrinology Science Committee. This, combined with his previous experience serving on the SfE Council and organising the SfE BES programme, make him an eminently suitable candidate for this vacancy on the ESE Executive Committee.

Prof McCabe comments, “At this time of difficult UK:EU relations, UK scientists need to continue to engage closely with our EU colleagues and collaborators to preserve and enhance scientific collaboration. One critical way we can do this is to commit more – and not less – to those EU organisations such as ESE which represent the future of European endeavours. I therefore feel that hardwiring UK endocrinologists into the structure of the ESE will enable us to protect and sustain vital pan-EU scientific relationships.”

“My overall agenda is to commit my time to successfully uniting scientific and clinical research, in order to promote European endocrine work as a world-leading and truly translational and transnational endeavour. Using my experience of nurturing young scientists I will do all I can to oversee the recruitment, retention and training of early career endocrinologists, both within the central EU and in all affiliated countries.” 

Voting is open until 23:59 GMT on 18 April 2018. Eligible voters will have received full voting instructions by e-mail. 

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