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Endocrine Network Meetings are back for SfE BES 2018

20 Apr 2018

Last year at SfE BES 2017 the Endocrine Networks presented Research Incubator meetings for the first time. Designed to bring endocrinologists together to discuss opportunities for future collaboration and to exchange knowledge, these sessions enabled members to present ideas for research proposals to colleagues. Delegates were then able to provide feedback, insight or even offer resources and collaboration to get the proposals off the ground.

The Endocrine Networks again have time allocated in the programme for meetings at SfE BES 2018. Your Endocrine Networks are currently discussing the best format for these meetings. Here is some feedback from your colleagues on the 2017 Research Incubator Meetings. What did you think of last years’ Research Incubators, what would you like to see at SfE BES 2018?

Dr Kate Lines, from the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, presented her proposal idea at the Endocrine Neoplasia Syndromes Research Incubator Meeting and says, “For me the research incubator session was a good opportunity to present my idea and get feedback before applying for funding for the project. We now have a collaborator who is providing the samples we need and have submitted an application for one year of funding for a student to start the project.”

Dr Scott MacKenzie, from the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences at University of Glasgow and a convenor of the Adrenal and Cardiovascular Network commented, “The Research Incubators have already proved to be a valuable way for Society members developing research projects to receive constructive advice from experienced scientists and clinicians. By presenting a short description of their proposal to an audience that included prominent people in their field, researchers were made aware of relevant technical and financial resources, useful collaborative links or unforeseen potential pitfalls, all in a supportive and informal atmosphere.”

Jeremy Tomlinson, Professor of Metabolic Endocrinology and also a convenor of the Adrenal and Cardiovascular Network says, “The Adrenal and Cardiovascular Research Incubator Meeting was well attended, with approximately 50 delegates. It was a very interactive session with lots of discussion that was friendly, constructive and non-intimidating. Both speakers were very positive about their experience and reported that it had helped to further develop their research ideas, with input from experts in the field.”

The Endocrine Networks continue to support these initiatives and would like to encourage members developing any relevant projects to contact them, and benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the wider network.

Do you have suggestions or new ideas for the format of the Endocrine Network meetings at SfE BES 2018? Contact us to be put in touch with your Network convenor and get involved today.