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SfE BES 2018 hits the headlines

06 Dec 2018

The high-quality and cutting-edge research presented at SfE BES 2018 attracted plenty of attention from the mainstream and medical media across the globe.

Your Society press office was kept very busy in Glasgow promoting six press releases based on SfE BES 2018 abstracts, and making sure interested journalists had all the information they needed to write accurate and engaging stories.

The conference was covered in some high-profile and well-regarded press, including the Telegraph, Daily Mail, ANI News, MedicalXpress, Medscape and Science Daily.

You can also find all SfE BES 2018 abstracts in Endocrine Abstracts.

For any press queries or if you would like to become a Society Media Ambassador and help to provide expert commentary on endocrine-related news stories in the future, please contact the press office at