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Early Career Grants awarded

08 Jan 2019

Your Society are delighted to announce that we have awarded 10 Early Career Grants of £10,000 to early career members, to help fund their exciting and cutting edge research projects.


Mr James Nicholson (Queen Mary, University of London) - Defining the early response to oncogenic Braf in pituitary progenitor/stem cells.

Miss Emma McGlone (Imperial College London) - Statins and type 2 diabetes mellitus: is glucagon the missing link?

Dr Nikolaos Nikolaou (University of Oxford) - Hepatic 5β-reductase (AKR1D1) activity as a regulator of adipose tissue biology and function; exploring the liver-adipose endocrine axis.

Dr Nan Li (University of Sheffield) - A novel animal model to explore the role of sex steroids on sex differentiation.

Dr Mark Russell (University of Exeter Medical School) - Does the loss of STAT6 contribute to islet HLA class I hyper-expression in type 1 diabetes?

Dr Chioma Izzi-Engbeaya (Imperial College London, Section of Investigative Medicine) - Investigating the Effect of Kisspeptin on the Regulation of Glucose Metabolism.

Mr Thomas Upton (University of Bristol) - A system for dynamic all day biosampling.

Dr Lisa Owens (Imperial College London) - Granulosa and theca cells from small and medium sized antral and pre ovulatory follicles from women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, are they key to the aetiology of PCOS and could they be used to develop biomarkers and theraputic targets?

Dr Lina Schiffer (University of Birmingham) - Exploration of epitestosterone biosynthesis, function and role in androgen excess conditions.

Dr Annie Hasib (University of Dundee) - Role of Hyaluronan-CD44 interaction in islet function in diet-induced obese mice.


If you are an Early Career Member you can apply for a Society Early Career Grant to help fund your research, or gather preliminary data to apply for other external funding, by 15 May 2019.