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Society launches new communications tool for the Endocrine Networks

21 Jan 2019

Your Society is testing a new online community platform, SfE Connect, with members of our Endocrine Networks, to help them communicate more effectively.

The seven Endocrine Networks aim to promote collaboration amongst basic and clinical researchers, clinical endocrinologists and endocrine nurses, within their specialist fields.

SfE Connect is a simple and effective communications tool intended to help Network members share knowledge, best practice and to find solutions to challenges within their field.

SfE Connect members can:

  • Inform other members about what's new in their field
  • Get advice or expertise from Network members on their work
  • Catalyse new collaborations within the Network and beyond
  • Promote new posts or meetings of interest to Network members
  • Arrange offline meetings with members for more in depth discussions
  • Discuss any issues relevant to their work and the wider endocrine community

You can join Endocrine Networks by logging in to the Members’ Area and updating your preferences in the Endocrine Network menu.

To join your community on SfE Connect, go to, select 'Request invite' and enter your name and email address.

Please read the SfE Connect Code of Conduct and our easy user guide.