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You can help secure the future of endocrinology by recognising emerging talent

12 Feb 2019

Join the Selection Panel for the new Society Leadership and Development Awards Programme, and you can help support emerging talent and identify future leaders in our field.

The Selection Panel, consisting of scientists, clinical academics, clinicians-in-practice and Chaired by Prof Marta Korbonits, will be responsible for reviewing applications to identify outstanding early career talent that may lead our discipline in the future.

The Leadership and Development Awards Programme was devised as part of the Society’s strategy to advance and support endocrinology and will provide a wide range of opportunities for early career endocrinologists to help them to develop naturally into future leaders of our discipline.

Graham Williams, President of the Society for Endocrinology said, "I am proud to be involved in developing this inspiring Programme, which I hope will not only contribute to the future of our Society but also to continued successes in the field of endocrinology far into the future."

Full Members of the Society interested in identifying the leaders of tomorrow can apply to join the Selection Panel. Simply send a short statement (max 250 words) indicating your suitability for the role to before 28 February. 

Learn more about eligibility and the wider benefits of the Leadership and Development Awards Programme.