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Deadline updated - Society support for the Clinical Excellence Awards 2020

14 Feb 2020

As a nominating body of the Government’s Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) your Society can provide support to Full Members’ applications for the Clinical Excellence Awards (CEAs).

The CEAs recognise and reward the exceptional contribution of NHS consultants, over and above what is normally expected in their job, to the values and goals of the NHS and to patient care.

We can support applications at the Gold, Silver and Bronze levels by providing a citation. All new applications are ranked using a Society panel of primarily Gold and Platinum Award holders and citations are provided for the top five ranked members at each level. Citations for renewals are provided dependent upon the number of applications.

If you would like the Society to support your application, please send a copy by Monday 30 March to It would also be helpful if you could indicate in advance of this deadline whether you will be applying for an award this year and, if so, the level and type of the award (i.e. new or renewal).

The Royal College of Physicians is also a nominating body and also supports applications for awards as a nominating body. The RCP applications deadline is Sunday 29 March, learn more on the RCP website.