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Congratulations to our latest Early Career Grant awardees

21 Feb 2020

Congratulations to our Early Career Members awarded Early Career Grants of up to £10,000 to help fund their endocrine research.

Alisdair Boag (Roslin Institute) - Delineating the consequences of thiosulfate sulfurtransferase (TST) overexpression in EndoCbH1 cells

Neil Martin (Loughborough University) - Investigating the lysosomal metabolome and mTORC1 localisation in aged human skeletal muscle

Morag Mansley (University of Edinburgh) - Functional characterisation of novel corticosteroid-induced transcripts in the cortical collecting duct

Andrea Pollard​ (Imperial College London) - Identification of a novel regulator of osteoblast function

Antonia Solomou (Kings College London) - Understanding how genetics and maternal obesity interact to determine adipocyte progenitor cell behaviour

Sophie Clarke (Imperial College London) - Using Kisspeptin to improve in vitro oocyte maturation

Benjamin Flynn (University of Bristol) - Recapitulation of ultradian glucocorticoid oscillations is important for homeostatic metabolic control

Carl Jenkinson (University of Birmingham) - Investigating vitamin D and steroid hormone metabolism in postmenopausal osteoporosis

Anne van der Spek (Academic Medical Centre) - Macrophage differentiation and function in patients with Resistance to Thyroid Hormone

Early Career Members can apply for Society Early Career Grants to help fund research or gather preliminary data to apply for other external funding, the next deadline is 06 May 2020.