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Opportunity to help inform better hypothyroid treatment

26 Mar 2020

This survey is your opportunity to provide infromation on how you manage hypothyroid patients who continue to experience symptoms.

Around 5-10% of hypothyroid individuals (representing between 75,000 and 150,000 adults in the UK) continue to experience profound and sometimes disabling symptoms, such as fatigue, depression and impaired cognition, in spite of being concordant with treatment and adequately replaced from a biochemical point of view.

Dr Adrian Heald, Consultant in Endocrinology at Salford Royal Hospital would value your help in gathering data on how you manage this difficult situation, with a view to informing how we can move forward in terms of therapeutic strategies. 

Please say at the end of the questionnaire whether you are a medical professional or patient, to help with data analysis.

Please do complete the questionnaire by 30 April and share with relevant colleagues.

Take the survey and use password, thyroid1, to access.