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New Editor-in-Chief for Endocrine-Related Cancer

14 Sep 2020

Professor Matthew Ringel, from The University of Ohio, USA, has been appointed as the incoming Editor-in-Chief of the Society-owned journal, Endocrine-Related Cancer.

He follows in the footsteps of Charis Eng and comments, "Journals such as Endocrine-Related Cancer provide an opportunity to expand the scientific, racial, gender and ethnic diversity not only of research, but also of researchers in the field."

To find out more about Matthew Ringel, visit the journal website, where you can watch a video interview and read some of his recently published research.

Join the Endocrine Cancer Network session at SfE BES Online on Wednesday 18 November to hear Matthew Ringel talk about his vision for the journal. The Endocrine Neoplasia Network is becoming the Endocrine Cancer Network, to provide a more comprehensive and inclusive home for members working on endocrine cancer.