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Congratulations to the winners of the Society’s 2021 Journal Awards

24 Jun 2021

The Society’s Journal Awards recognise articles from each of the Society-owned journals for excellence in both research focus and practice. 

Journal of Endocrinology
Estrogen accelerates heart regeneration by promoting the inflammatory response in zebrafish
Shisan Xu et al

Journal of Molecular Endocrinology
STAT5 ablation in AgRP neurons increases female adiposity and blunts food restriction adaptations
Isadora C Furigo et al.

Endocrine Connections
Role of fasting duration and weekday in incretin and glucose regulation
Kim K B Clemmensen et al.

Endocrine-Related Cancer
LDLR-mediated lipidome–transcriptome reprogramming in cisplatin insensitivity
Wei-Chun Chang et al.

Clinical Endocrinology
Metabolomics analysis in adults with high bone mass identifies a relationship between bone resorption and circulating citrate which replicates in the general population
April Hartley et al.