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Congratulations to the Endocrine Society's 2022 Laureate Awardees!

13 Sep 2021

Congratulations to the 13 leading endocrinologists chosen by the Endocrine Society as its 2022 Laureate Awardees.

These Laureate Awards recognise the highest achievements in the endocrinology field, including ground-breaking research and innovations in clinical care. The Endocrine Society will present the awards to the winners at ENDO 2022, the Society’s annual meeting.

Great praise and applause in particular to Professor John Wass, a prominent Society member, who has been recognised with the Outstanding Leadership in Endocrinology Award. 

"This annual award recognizes outstanding leadership in fundamental or clinical endocrinology. Wass is a highly accomplished clinical researcher and educator at Oxford University in Oxford, England. His contributions have had a significant effect on patients with pituitary disease. His early observations about the importance of single-surgeon expertise for acromegaly outcomes paved the way many years later for adoption of criteria for pituitary centers of excellence, while his early recognition of the need to minimize neurological sequelae in pituitary apoplexy paved the way for studies—still ongoing—to establish best practices for this difficult-to-manage disorder. In these areas, as well as in PCOS, Addison’s disease and obesity, Wass’s leadership has enabled endocrinologists to adopt new approaches to improve patient outcomes. Wass has trained multiple endocrinologists who are well recognized globally for their own leading contributions to endocrinology research and practice." 

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