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Apply for a Royal Osteoporosis Society Research Grant

28 Apr 2022

The Royal Osteoporosis Society 2022 Research Grants round is open until 6 June 2022.

There are three categories of grant available:

  • Project grants: funding up to £100,000 over a maximum of three years
  • Early career grants: funding up to £30,000 over a maximum of two years
  • Innovative grants: funding up to £10,000 over a maximum of 12 months

Even before the pandemic, the treatment gap for osteoporosis was startlingly wide, with around two-thirds of people missing out on the treatment they need. NHS backlogs have widened that treatment gap still further. For the duration of our Breaking the Silence Strategy 2022-2026, the Royal Osteoporosis Society will be focusing its grants programme on pioneering studies which can help close the treatment gap. This year, the charity is inviting applications for studies which aim to improve care and lead to quicker and more accurate diagnosis, by overcoming the barriers to rapidly implement evidence-based clinical interventions into wider practice. Projects which aim to reduce health inequalities in osteoporosis care are also welcomed.

Learn more on their website or contact for more information.