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Impressive impact factors announced for Society's journals!

28 Jun 2022

The latest Journal Citation ReportsTM are out and it’s good news for your Society journals.

Journal of Endocrinology’s latest Journal Impact Factor has increased substantially from 4.286 to 4.669, with the Five-Year measure also increasing to its best-ever score at 5.533. The journal now ranks 57 out of 146 journals in the ‘Endocrinology and Metabolism’ category of the Journal Citation Reports.

Endocrine-Related Cancer’s Impact Factor has risen to 5.900. The journal now ranks 35 out of 146 journals in the ‘Endocrinology and Metabolism’ category, and also 72 out of 245 in the ‘Oncology’ category.

Journal of Molecular Endocrinology has achieved an Impact Factor of 4.869, ranking 50 out of 146 journals in the ‘Endocrinology and Metabolism’ category. The Five-Year Impact Factor has increased to its highest-ever level at 5.532.

Endocrine Connections Impact Factor has received an Impact Factor of 3.221, with the Five-Year Impact Factor rising to 3.635. The journal ranks 101 out of 146 journals in its category.

Clinical Endocrinology received an Impact Factor of 3.522, ranking 93 out of 146 journals in the ‘Endocrinology and Metabolism’ category.

Journal Impact Factors are calculated by Web of Science and published each year in the Journal Citation Reports. They are often used as a tool for evaluating a journal’s quality. The 2021 Impact Factor takes into account citations in 2021 for papers published in 2019 and 2020. 

All of our owned publications, Journal of Endocrinology, Journal of Molecular Endocrinology, Endocrine-Related Cancer and Endocrine Connections are published by our wholly-owned trading subsidiary, Bioscientifica, which redistributes all its profits back to the Society.

The Society would like to thank our Editorial Boards, authors and reviewers for their tremendous hard work and dedication, and all of our journal readers who use and cite articles. Together you ensure that the Society’s journals continue to be influential publications that help us to advance scientific and clinical research in endocrinology for the public benefit - one of the Society's key aims.