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Redox Experimental Biology - new open-access journal launched by Bioscientifica

19 Jul 2022

Redox Experimental Medicine is a new, fully open-access, peer-reviewed journal publishing research aimed at advancing understanding of the effects that redox processes have on human health and disease.

Aberrations in redox processes can have a profound impact on our normal physiology, with implications for many diseases. Redox Experimental Medicine will serve as an essential publication for the international scientific community to translate experimental knowledge to redox-based preventive and/or therapeutic interventions, with a view to advancing health. The journal will publish basic and translational articles which have potential therapeutic relevance, as well as pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Led by Editor-in-Chief Professor Giuseppe Poli, from the University of Turin, Redox Experimental Medicine’s highly accomplished and internationally diverse Editorial Board will oversee the rigorous, yet rapid, peer review of articles.

In his launch Editorial, Professor Poli explains how the journal focuses on an underserved area, commenting that "the experimental investigation of the pathophysiological role of a single molecule or a molecular pathway is certainly essential, but it cannot stand alone and needs to be part of a more comprehensive study project, taking into account the complex reality of the human organism".

Bioscientifica is our wholly-owned trading subsidiary, which redistributes all its profits back to the Society. Bioscientifica is sponsoring the article publication charge for Redox Experimental Medicine until the end of 2023, so you can publish in it on an open-access basis, free of charge.

Learn more about the scope of the journal and contact with any queries.