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Professor Justo P Castaño is the new Editor-in-Chief for Endocrine Oncology

01 Sept 2022

Join us in welcoming Professor Justo P Castaño from the University of Cordoba and Maimonides Institute for Biomedical Research of Córdoba, Spain as the new Editor-in-Chief for Endocrine Oncology, one of our offical journals.

As a translational researcher in the field of endocrine oncology, Professor Castaño and his team investigates the cellular and molecular basis of neuroendocrine tumours (NETs), pituitary tumours, pancreatic adenocarcinoma, and the role of metabolic and hormonal alterations in cancer.

Professor Castaño tells us his initial thoughts on targeting the growing hybrid research community within the wider endocrine oncology field: “This field encompasses very different profiles of researchers, from those seeking purely basic knowledge derived from hormone- and metabolic-related cancer studies to new studies on “omics” and computational biomedical approaches focused on endocrine tumours and cancers, as well as, of course, classic and novel clinical studies in this field. But also, on studies integrating all those fields with a translational perspective, which will bring Endocrine Oncology closer to the novel era of precision personalised medicine.”

Endocrine Oncology is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal publishing basic, translational and clinical research and reviews on the interplay between hormones and cancer, and related topics.

Please take a look at the scope for a full list of topics covered by the journal and contact [email protected] with any queries.