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Recent press releases

24 Mar 2018
Brain development disorders in children linked to common environmental toxin exposures
21 Mar 2018
Children born to mothers with low vitamin D levels may develop autism-like behaviours
02 Feb 2018
Arthritis drug can lower sugar levels in diabetes
31 Jan 2018
Potential new target for reducing osteoporosis risk in men
06 Jan 2018
Taking paracetamol during pregnancy may reduce fertility of daughters
07 Dec 2017
Link found between morning sickness, smoking and healthy pregnancies
07 Nov 2017
Pregnant women exposed to common toxin have lower levels of hormone crucial for brain development
07 Nov 2017
High protein diets point to new anti-obesity treatments
06 Nov 2017
Women with PCOS should be screened for mental health disorders
06 Nov 2017
Vitamin D may be simple treatment to enhance burn healing
05 Nov 2017
Kisspeptin boosts male sexual appetite and reduces anxiety
05 Nov 2017
Debate: The fight against obesity: To tax or not to tax?
24 May 2017
Vitamin D supplements could help pain management
17 May 2017
Breast cancer risk is more affected by total body fat than abdominal fat
10 May 2017
New nanotechnology application for difficult-to-treat cancers
08 Feb 2017
The Society for Endocrinology supports the British Thyroid Association position on treating underactive thyroid
04 Dec 2016
Joint statement from the Society for Endocrinology and the Pituitary Foundation on PrEP funding decision
08 Nov 2016
Researchers may have found how high-protein diets cause weight loss
08 Nov 2016
Low vitamin D levels linked to increased risk of bladder cancer
07 Nov 2016
Maternal B12 deficiency may increase child’s risk of type-2 diabetes
07 Nov 2016
People with low oxytocin levels suffer reduced empathy
10 Oct 2016
Society for Endocrinology publishes guidance documents to tackle life-threatening endocrine emergencies
12 Jul 2016
Society for Endocrinology response to EU referendum result
01 Jul 2016
Happy cows make more nutritious milk
04 Nov 2015
New drug provides safer alternative to conventional IVF treatment
04 Nov 2015
Sitting down for long periods when pregnant linked to weight gain and depression