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New partnership between Pfizer and the Society for Endocrinology

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The Society for Endocrinology has agreed a new 2-year partnership with Pfizer. The agreement is the first of its kind for the Society, and is the result of more than 6 months of discussions to ensure maximum benefit to both organisations and their broader aims of advancing endocrinology.

Paul Carroll, Chair of the Society for Endocrinology Corporate Liaison Board, says:

“The partnership recognises the Society for Endocrinology’s commitment to working with industry to achieve its objectives. It represents a true collaboration with an industry partner, working on joint projects for the benefit of endocrinology. Other benefits to the Society include expert advice from Pfizer to help support different areas of our business, such as digital communications.

“With a dynamic global health environment, pharmaceutical companies are looking for different ways of working with learned societies, to help understand and focus on areas of greatest need for patients. This partnership is a great position from which the Society for Endocrinology can develop its sponsorship models, not only to ensure sustainability, but to work together to meet the Society’s aim of advancing endocrinology research and medicine globally.”

James Steed, UK Brand Lead for Endocrine Care at Pfizer, says:

“We believe “together works better” and we’re delighted to be working with the Society for Endocrinology. Pfizer has been conducting research and working in partnership with those across health and life sciences for over 60 years. As well as being a leading supplier of medicines to the NHS, we are committed to collaborating with our partners across the NHS, and beyond, to tackle challenges, improve the delivery of healthcare and achieve the best health outcomes for people across the country.

“The NHS is changing in response to various pressures, and the needs of our partners and the people they care for reflect this. We believe that through working in partnership, combining our skills, experience and resources, together we can tackle some of the greatest challenges facing the NHS today. The new partnership will strengthen Pfizer’s relationship with the Society and ultimately improve patient care.”

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