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Supporting you to engage

Maralyn Druce | Society News

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The Society for Endocrinology has a principal aim ‘to engage the public with endocrinology and its impact’.

We want people to be able to make better informed decisions about their health, and we are committed to disseminating accurate, high quality information about hormones to the public.

It’s only by supporting you, our members, to participate in effective public engagement activities that will we achieve this goal. This engagement could be through the media, hands-on activities, public discussions or via websites and online tools. You will find many examples discussed in this issue of The Endocrinologist.

Through the Society’s 2015 member survey, you said you believed it was important for the Society to engage with the public. You asked for more information, more training and more opportunities to get involved. The Society is committed to providing the following support to its members.


Information and training

Providing you with information about public engagement and advice about using it to achieve your aims

  • Introducing you to how the news media work
  • Developing your communication/ presentation/writing skills
  • Helping you get the most out of hands-on public engagement



  • Working towards shared resources, such as tried and tested hands-on activity templates
  • Developing user-friendly online information about hormones via a website that you can signpost and share: ‘You and Your Hormones’



  • Facilitating requests from journalists
  • Funding your initiatives through our Public Engagement Grant scheme
  • Advising you on shaping and promoting your public engagement initiatives


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  • Delivering hands-on activities at Society public engagement events
  • Working with us to develop discussion events at festivals
  • Introducing you to journalists by being a Society ‘media expert’


Look out for further information, which is coming soon on our website, or get in touch with Jo Stubbs or Omar Jamshed in the Society’s communications office at [email protected]. If you are interested in joining the Public Engagement Committee, opportunities are highlighted in emails and on our website.

Maralyn Druce

Chair, Society for Endocrinology Public Engagement Committee

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