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A word from the editor

Tony Coll | A word from the Editor

Neither this magazine, nor the Society it represents, exists to push any kind of political message. However, as I write this on a rainswept evening a few days after the Society for Endocrinology BES meeting in Brighton, I think it’s fair to say we are living in interesting and rather trying times. The era of ‘post-truth’ politics seems to be upon us and, as the rancorous US election staggered and collapsed into its shocking finale, if the media are to be believed, anger, fear and uncertainty are all we have.

How to respond to this dark wall of negativity? I’m with Michelle on this one: ‘When they go low, we go high.’ What was on offer at SfE BES 2016 gave me great hope that many of you are of the same mind. It was a delight to see intelligent, rational, questioning science, coupled with a compassion and determination to make things better, and applied to a whole host of problems. Here were endocrinologists, truly at the centre of everything.

This issue continues on the same theme. We have several articles from the world of cancer biology. These remind us that molecular endocrinology is at the heart of so many effective treatments and that clinical endocrinologists are always there to pick up the pieces successfully when unintended organ damage occurs. Look out too for a series of reports on the value of talking to people face to face, be it other scientists in your field, like-minded European clinicians with a passion for training, or patients with acromegaly who need help and support.

Finally, please do read Amir Sam’s interview with our new President, Graham Williams. In an era of so much electoral angst, here is one result which we should all actively celebrate. I dare you not to be uplifted and encouraged by what Graham has to say.

So stay positive and ‘keep on keeping on’. It’s not long until the days start lengthening and the snowdrops are up.

Best wishes

Tony Coll

Editor, The Endocrinologist

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