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Novel hormone explains how we get fat

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Obesity is a major public health concern, and individuals who are overweight face serious risks to their health. However, the molecular mechanisms by which excessive production of adipocytes is initiated in an individual have remained largely elusive.

Through studies on both mice and humans, Wong et al. have identified a novel hormone called ADAMTS1, which controls the first step in the differentiation and maturation of fat cells. Lower levels of ADAMTS1 are associated with increased adipogenesis. ADAMTS1 is produced by adipocytes, but the team have shown that its rate of production is affected by external factors including high fat diets and glucocorticoid exposure.

Although there is still much to discover about the activity and regulation of ADAMTS1, this study suggests intriguing future approaches that might lead to medical interventions for targeting the obesity epidemic.

Read the full article in Science Signaling 9 ra103

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